Monday, October 12, 2009

Gotta love the Mondays in our lives.

Or not. This might be a bit short today as I'm working on getting my website together, which lives here.

Yes, it needs more content. I'm working on a links page to all sorts of helpful stuff for writers.

There's something going on at Nathan Bransford's brilliant blog (that was a fun alliteration to type) that I urge all of you to enter: His 3rd Sort of Annual Stupendously Ultimate First Paragraph Challenge.

Oh, and I'm also a Tweeter. You can find me on Twitter as robertklewis. Yeah, I know... very creative of me. It's been a challenge to live on the net under my REAL name. I've always used an alias of some sort. It feels very much like shaving all the hair off your head and body and walking down the noon day street, nude. Yes, really.

Oh, and nothing to do with writing, but definitely with the blues (another love of mine): Booker White doing "Aberdeen Mississippi Blues", via The Boing.

On yet another note, a quick "you must go here!" sort of thing: the greatest database of agents on the web, plus TONS of informative essays, AND a fantastic forum of helpful writers all pulling together to succeed in what is a crazy hard career choice. I give you AgentQuery!

And finally for today, a small but incredibly informative post over at Editor Unleashed on Authors who are tweeting, and getting it right!

See ya at the bar. I'll be the guy at the end crying into his highball glass.


  1. We have Thanksgiving today up in Canada, so I had a great turkey-filled Monday :)

    Thanks for finally revealing your twitter id - we were starting to wonder if you were really on! I'll look you up :)

    It takes a while to set up the blog - you're doing great!

  2. Love the flavor of the new website! Thanks for the Booker White and Editor Unleash links. I look forward to more posts.

  3. All right, Robert. That video was kick ass. Just what a Monday needs!

  4. Thanks! I'm glad this seems to be working. I really appreciate the feedback.

  5. "It feels very much like shaving all the hair off your head and body and walking down the noon day street, nude. Yes, really." Uh, you are naked, dude. Could you maybe slide on some boxers?

    Seriously, I know how you feel. And I think your real name is perfect for an author name.