Saturday, October 24, 2009

I'm Feeling A Bit Strangled Today, So Here's a Blues Clip.

Yeah, so what with struggling with a plot that keeps growing tentacles that threaten to choke the life out of yours truly, and 500 new words that I swear would only make sense to a being from Galaxy 451 in the Nexus cluster, IF they were amped out on their equivalent of roofies and cheap Bolivian vodka, I decided to send you this great blues clip for your weekend enjoyment.

Mr. Furry Lewis, singing "When I Lay My Burden Down". It's so god damned good, it makes my heart weep for the beauty of it all. And hell, man, don't we all, at one time or another, wish that we could lay our burden down?



  1. I've certainly had those days/nights (Well, last night was one of them.) Great bluesy song to pull you through! I often let music inspire me when the blocks start building walls!

  2. Great video! There ain't nothin like the blues :)

    What a performer Furry is, I hadn't seen any clips of him before. Thanks for sharing :)

    And good luck with the plot!

  3. Jemi, yeah, that clip knocks me for a loop, every damn time. Thanks for well wishes. I DO love a challange, trust me, lol.

  4. Carolina, totally. Music is a great inspiration for me when I work, or when I'm having trouble working. It occupies a part of my head so that the solution can creep through, like a thief breaking in while a party is going on.

  5. Love me some traditional slide blues. Thanks for the link and the feel good. I've been hacking away trying to learn slide for years, but I haven't stuck with it enough. These guys make it look like child's play -- alternating base line and sweet, sweet melodies. I'm smiling right now.

  6. That's a good thing, sir! Smiles are good.