Friday, October 16, 2009

Okay, So Let Me Get This Over With.

This is where I work. It's the landing outside our bedroom. My wife found that desk for me on Craigslist and I am eternally grateful to her for it. She also found me that awesome chair from around the same period.

She's lovey that way.

The bottom drawer has this old, glued-on card that says, "1936 Boston Red Sox Baseball Cards". It's quite perverse how much I like that card. The desk has a deep history, as evidenced by the 1/8" layer of pockmarked varnishes on the top.

Those are three of my guitars (in their black cases) in the background: a 1974 Ibanez Les Paul copy, a black Epiphone acoustic, and an acoustic I bought back in 1983 called a Mountain. It has a real Martin top on it, and sounds very, very "warm".

Yes, I am a guitar geek when I'm not writing.

Anyway, that's where I struggle almost everyday with this writing thing I love so much.


  1. The desk and chair really do suit you and your writing style. Unfortunately, sitting properly and in a chair no less is the equivalent of torture for me. My shoulders both cramp in excruciating pain. My usual work space is plopped on the sofa, lounging with my laptop.

    I hope you know you'll now need to post a video of you playing. ; )

  2. hahaha... not in this life time. I've tried the couch thing, but I truly need "a space" that's just for writing. It helps keep my ADD and OCD in check.

  3. I'm with Calista - I like comfy :) I do most of my writing sitting on my bed or my favourite comfy living room chair.

    I do love your set though - very appropriate for your genre!